2000 NY Deer Season
Alan's 2000 4 Point  Black Powder
4 Point
Alan's 6 Point Archery
Alan's 2000 #2 with Archery
Alan in Stand!
Matt & Mark Tag team this nice doe! 2000
Mark's 1st Bow Kill! 2000
Mark 2000 with his 2nd bow kill!
A Nice 8 Point Buck!
Mark with Nice BP Buck!
Matt with his first Nice Doe -Bow Kill! 2000
Matt holding up Bambi! 
Matt up a Tree! On stand!
NY Woods
Winter 2000 Season!
Alan 1980's
 Draw a Crowd
 Alan 1997 Bow
 Mark's 1st BP Deer
6 Year Old Deer
Bryant Pond, Maine
2000 Season NY
Tribute Page